Friday, May 16, 2008

New Ann Arbor High School District Boundaries

If you are moving into the area, or by chance have not been closely following the construction of our new area high school, here is a link to the residential boundaries that are taking effect with this upcoming Fall 2008 school year.

Obviously, if you have school age children who will go to high school in the area, you should be aware of these new boundaries as you plan your home search.

We have two fairly distinctively named schools, and team names, and the third, new school, which was named via a very thinly veiled attempt to satisfy the widest base of people by generic compromise. First, on the northeast side of town, we have the Huron River Rats. On what is now the southwest part of town, we have the Ann Arbor Pioneer Pioneers. The new school is called Skyline, and the team name is Eagles. Wasn't that the High School on Beverly Hills 90210?Blandola. Personally, I liked the idea of Schemford High, named after Bo Schembechler and President Gerald Ford.

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