Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I'm deeply thankful for all the Moms in my life:

My mom Jayne, who has had an incredible life, has shown inspiring resilience, and has provided me with unequivocal love through innumerable storms.

My wife Mary, for whom I thank God for placing in my life. She has given me two fantastic children, and is strongly molding them into great people. I constantly wonder how she unflinchingly supports me despite my antics.

For my sisters Lynne and Karin, who have been more supportive than they know, especially at the lowest points on my life's roller coaster.

For my cousins, in-laws, and other moms throughout my family.

For the lives of my Grandmothers, who died when I was young, but endured hardships and stayed strong for the sake of their families.

And, for all of my colleagues, business associates, and friends who are mothers. I know your 'job' is often thankless, and is the toughest job there is, but please know you are appreciated.

I can never properly express my gratitude and appreciation for all you do. I am thankful.

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