Monday, May 19, 2008

Ann Arbor Neighborhood Spotlight: Burns Park

(First in a series). As you get acquainted with the town of Ann Arbor, you will want to become familiar with it's diverse neighborhoods. Sometimes defined geographically, and often defined by elementary school district. Roughly, the area is bounded by Hill Street on the North, Stadium on the South, the area around Packard on the West, and Washtenaw on the East. The area east of Washtenaw is known as Ives Woods, but is also considered by many to be part of Burns Park.

Burns Park is one of the oldest neighborhoods, is often considered one of the most prestigious, and has the distinction of sharing the area with a large amount of University of Michigan student rental housing. The area combines student housing, sometimes referred to as student "ghetto", with lovely estate-style homes which are predominantly owned by professors and U of M Administrators.

Burns Park Elementary School is very highly regarded, due to many factors, notably a proportionately high level of parental involvement. It is a highly desireable neighborhood as far as real estate is concerned, due to its many unique styles of homes, and obviously, it's proximity to campus and downtown.

A snapshot of Burns Park Real Estate shows 38 homes on the market (as of the date and time of this post), with prices ranging from $199,000all the way up to near the Million dollar mark. Quite often, you can find homes over a million in this area.

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