Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lower Town Development Update

Since I last wrote about the Lower Town Development six months ago, I fell a bit obligated to provide an update. Besides, I am curious myself. Anyway, with great fanfare back in September 2007, there was a greoundbreaking and much enthusiasm that this project would finally get underway, and move at a steady pace. Well, in January 2008 the last of the demolition phase took place, and the next step is the 'remediation' phase. I'm not sure what exactly is involved in remediation, but my guess is that it is a pretty complex process, as the definition of remediation is:
Also known as clean-up, remediation is taking action to reduce, isolate, or remove contamination from an environment with the goal of preventing exposure to people or animals...."

According to the website of Strathmore Development, the remediation phase is/ was scheduled to begin in the "Spring of 2008". There is no real indication of how long this process will ultimately take. I remain optimistic about the potential for this development, and am pleased that it is still moving forward, albiet a lot more slowly than folks would like. If you take a look at the schematic of the final project, it will be a great asset to the city of Ann Arbor, and hopefully, the catalyst for additional development on the northern end of the city.

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