Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Freecycle Ann Arbor is Very Cool

The amazing worldwide phenomenon known as Freecycle(TM) started in Tucson, Arizona in 2003 by Deron Beal. Freecycle harnesses the power of the Internet to connect people who have stuff to throw away with others in their area who would like that stuff, so it doesn't wind up in a landfill. We ALL have things in our garages, closets, attics, offices, etc., that we don't need. Freecycle lets you find someone who does. No item is too big or too small but ALL must be 100% FREE with NO strings attached. A perfect consumer/earth friendly circle is no overhead, no money, no waste and no catch. After all, there is no point in throwing something away when it still has good life in it or it can be of use to someone else. And you know what they say - The only difference between a yard sale and trash is proximity to the curb. So, get that good stuff off the curb and share it with your community instead!

Post offers for all the good stuff you don't need anymore... furniture, appliances, toys, clothes, lawnmowers, car parts, etc. If it's still good, then someone probably could use it.

If you are new to Yahoo Groups and don't have a Yahoo profile yet, please go to and set one up ASAP. You do NOT have to put your full name and info on the profile but you should have one to access mail delivery options, view the pictures in the photo album, participate in polls, and do all that other good stuff. It only takes a few minutes to complete, so just do it already. You'll be glad you did!

*To post via the web page, go to

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