Saturday, March 3, 2007

Taking the Plunge

This whole Blogging Adventure is not as easy as many of my (now) Blogging Bretheren make it look. I have a strong appreciation for those who post things so quickly, with a wit that seems to come easy. I have read lots of Blogs, lots of 'How to Blog' websites, and even the very helpful Blogging for Dummies book by Brad Hill. Enough study and standing on the sidelines.

It's time to jump in. Sink or swim. Upcoming posts will share some slices of life and times of an Ann Arbor, Michigan Real Estate Agent. We will be heavy on real estate related topics, but also fold in some posts on why we love living in Ann Arbor. There will also undoubtedly be several tangential digressions on a multitude of subjects and opinions, because, well, hey, It's my party and I'll Blog if I want to. Now, I know about Posts and settings, and I've even figured out how to add a photo. I have a long way to go to learn about feeds, tags, widgets, hyperlinks and other doo-dads. TTFN and Happy Blogiversary to my Blogging Mentor, Black Tie Todd.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Brian! I will watch with interest your blogs growth in the coming year. Don't forget to spread the link love around....