Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ann Arbor Real Estate Sales Report for January 2010

The January 2010 Ann Arbor real estate sales report continues to show encouraging trends:

FIRST: The year over year increase in unit sales over the past 90 days. In November, there was an increase of 32% in unit sales over November 2008. In December, that increase, although lower, was still encouraging at a +6% over December 2008. In January, the trend has continued with an increase in unit sales of 7.8% over January 2009.

SECOND: The average sales price for Single Family Homes continues to show an increase over the same time period last year. In January 2010, the average sales price was up by 8% over January 2009. If my calculations are correct, since October 2009, when the average sales price for the year was a -15.5%, there has been an improvement of +23.5% in the average sales price of homes.

Here are the latest statistics from the Ann Arbor Board of Realtors. These numbers are for Single Family Homes (SFH) Residential, and do not include condominiums:

SFH Listings in January 2009: 615
SFH Listings in January 2010: 562
Decrease: 8.7%

SFH Sales January 2009: 152
SFH Sales January 2010: 164
Increase: 7.8%

SFH Avg. Sales Price January 2009: $153,486
SFH Avg. Sales Price January 2010: $165,842
Increase: 8.0%

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