Friday, December 11, 2009

November 2009 Ann Arbor Home Sales Report

Here's the deal. The Nov. 30 deadline for the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit was a huge shot in the arm for residential Unit sales: An increase of 32% in unit sales over November 2008.

Another definite trend of note is the dramatic increase in the average sales price. It is still in negative territory over 2008, but shows a marked improvement in the last 90 days. The Year to date average sales price drop improved over the past 90 days by a whopping +13.8%. (From -17.8% in August to -15.5% in October; to -4% in November).

Here are the latest statistics from the Ann Arbor Board of Realtors. These numbers are for Single Family Homes (SFH) Residential, and do not include condominiums:

SFH Listings in November 2008: 428
SFH Listings in November 2009: 346
Decrease: 28.4%

SFH Sales November 2008: 202
SFH Sales November 2009: 268
Increase: 32%

SFH Sales Year to Date 2008: 2,860
SFH Sales Year to Date 2009: 2,794
Decrease: 2.4%

SFH Avg. Sales Price November 2008: $183,738
SFH Avg. Sales Price November 2009: $176,543
Decrease: 4%

SFH Avg. Sales Price Y.T.D. 2008: $214,156
SFH Avg. Sales Price Y.T.D. 2009: $182,704
Decrease: 14.7%


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