Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ann Arbor Residential Home Sales Report: Feb. 2009

Ann Arbor Single Family Home average sales prices in February 2009 dropped by 27.1% from February 2008, and have dropped by 29.5% year to date.

Here are the latest statistics from the Ann Arbor Board of Realtors. These numbers are for Single Family Homes (SFH) Residential, and do not include condominiums:

SFH Listings in February 2008: 730
SFH Listings in February 2009: 514
Decrease: 29.6%

SFH Sales February 2008: 173
SFH Sales February 2009: 135
Decrease: 22%

SFH Sales Year to Date 2009: 288
SFH Sales Year to Date 2008: 315

SFH Avg. Sales Price Feb. 2008: $224,864
SFH Avg. Sales Price Jan. 2009: $164,106
Decrease: 27.1%

SFH Avg. Sales Price Y.T.D. 2008: $223,491
SFH Avg. Sales Price Y.T.D. 2009: $157,673
Decrease: 29.5%


Unknown said...

Are the years on the data correct on the first two catagories? Looks like you reversed the years. John

Brian and Mary Bundesen said...

Hi John: Thanks for reading, and thanks for the correction.