Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why I Don't Post More Frequently

Here's the deal: My original vision for this blog was for it to be a valuable source for news and information primarily about real estate, but also including information about business growth in the Ann Arbor area.

Well, little did I know when I created the blog that the housing market would take the turn that it has. The internet and news is saturated with the negative news out of the real estate industry. I saw, and still see no point in perpetuating the bad news. There is plenty of it elsewhere.

Likewise on the business growth front. There was a time when there was significant 'buzz' in the area about job growth, or about new businesses coming to town. I felt it possible for me to add information that would not readily have been published elsewhere. Now, while I would not call these job growth as 'back door deals', whatever 'buzz' there may have been in the past has simply turned into downright speculation, and anyone who claims to know the inside track is either lying or delusional.

The attraction of companies and jobs now often require the involvement of politicians and local business leaders, because these deals almost always involved tax or other incentives. All the principals keep these deals very close to the vest, and they are never published until after the fact.

These two changes in the landscape have caused me to rethink my goals for the blog. I am involved in several other exciting projects and ventures, but somehow don't think that this subject matter would be a good fit. I am seriously considering a few 'Spin-off' Blogs that are more closely focused on individual topics.

In the meantime, I know I have a growing following, and for that, I am deeply appreciative. Bottom line, I don't want to Blog to see myself writing. I think that writing exclusively about Ann Arbor area real estate is duller than dishwater.

Still searching for a comfortable Blog 'voice', I wish, hope, and pray that all your dreams come true!


a2karen said...

Well stated! My blog is really community events that I care about. Oh well, we have to find a voice.

Unknown said...

Hi Brian, Keep on posting on things that are interesting to you - the rest will take care of itself.