Friday, September 28, 2007

Condo Investment Opportunity for U of M fans

This article in the Michigan Daily tells of a new Condo development for Ann Arbor, which is based on successful projects already underway in South Bend, IN, and Lansing, MI.

Brenan Hospitality Management Group is building a Hotel-Condo near the Big House, with a target market of Die hard University of Michigan football fans, who would like a 'homey' place to stay during home football game weekends.

While initial announcement of this project has brought some skepticism, there is definitely a market for it, and I think this will be a great success.

The concept is basically to purchase the Condo as an investment. You get to come and stay in the condo on football weekends, and the rest of the year, your unit is rented out as a hotel, with you and the management company splitting the proceeds.
If you happen to have confidence in the stability of Ann Arbor real estate in the long term, this could be worth a close look. If you have interest in learning more of the particulars, please shoot me an email at:

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